Fly into Freedom..


No matter how your opportunities in life, you always have a freedom to choose how you wanted to experience it.

I'm writing this in the middle of the night, I just woke up randomly since I slept earlier before my usual time. my day was as usual very exhausting but fruitful. Just like my morning plan I got everything done. I drove back home with my daddy. The traffic jam and the rainy season made it challenging on top of the daily challenges with work and stuff like that. But thanks to God! Its good to be alive and keep pushing towards your goals. LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER. It has ups and downs. Lows and highs. But that's the beauty of it. I deeply believe that you get what you give. Anything you release to the world intentionally or not will be returned back. You take what you give. The world won't give you what you didn't sow. If you sow nothing you reap nothing. What makes me wondering is this powerful principle in life are all free. I mean you don't pay penny.

I woke up just thinking the power of freedom. I'm free to do anything in life. Whichever I decide. Its just incredible. The price of freedom exercised is just extraordinary. I had remembered the story my dearest Norwegian friend once told me. Its a story of a little bird, a gray sparrow. When he was 12 years old in Debre Tabor he went to Norway with his three years older sister to get her started in school there. He had six months school vacation and did what he liked to do most of the time. His father was at missionary work most of the day.

One day he found a small sparrow that had flown into their glass window and had a broken the right wing. He found her unconscious outside the window to his room. He lifted her up carefully and took her to his room. He know his mom would never have let him keep her inside because of the of hygiene. But his dad was sorry for him being so much alone so he permitted him to keep the sparrow in his room. After a while the bird regain conscious but could not fly because of one broken wing. It is a long story how they became very good friends and the broken wing healed one cm lower than the other wing. To make a long story short she learned to trust him and would eat out of his hand. When he called her name she came and sat on his shoulder.

After six months his mom came back from Norway. He knew very well that the bird could not be in his room any longer so he had to let her go and clean his room thoroughly. When he carried it out on the veranda to let her fly into freedom . He was sad and thought he would never see her any more. If he saw her he would recognize it because the right wing had healed in a way so that it was one cm lower than the other wing. With tears in his eyes he said goodbye and she flew away to the top of some Eucalyptus trees that were over 50 meters high about 200 meters from their house. He could see it all the time and was very surprised when she turned around and flew back and sat in his hand. It was a very touching and special experience. 

He gave her full freedom and she chose to come back to him and even sat on his hand!!!

She was willing to sit in his hand only once, but she stayed close to their house and would eat food a little more than an arms length from him. She built a nest in a boucanville bush outside their window and he followed her as her children grew and could fly from the nest by themselves. They went on his bike together with eggs and sparrow kids many times.

They were friends for three years but with a little distance so it could have its full freedom. When he became 15 years old he had to go to Norway to start ordinary school for the first time in his life. So he had to say good bye to the sparrow forever. The most beautifully experienced life is only exercised through freedom.

God sets us free, but is very happy when we by our own choice come to Him. Friends must also feel totally free and only stay in touch with us at their own choice. So give your full freedom in your friendship and will be happy when they choose to stay in touch. Every fraction of second in life is the result of your free will act. But remember the most unparalleled and memorable life experiences you had or will have is when you let things fly into freedom. Be free, feel free, do free, live free, fly free.

Let's get back to sleep ❤

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