My Generation

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This generation will conquer the world.

My Generation

Is like a lost diamond

My Generation has got a gem in its hand

My Generation

Wants to rise and shine

My Generation is gutsy and strong

My Generation knows where it belongs

My Generation

Has embarked on a journey

That takes it to its destiny

My Generation

Will conquer everything

My Generation

Dedication and dedication is its mastery

My Generation

Is not useless and fruitless

Is rather useful and potent

My Generation

Is extraordinary, moves forward

My Generation

Is not stationary

People say this is Generation is filled with misery

But they don't know our inner ability

They disapprove us by saying bad things

Without knowing what that disapproval brings

Don't kill my generation with your words

Your words have brought misery upon us

Love and nurture us with all your hearts

Show us the way so we don't repeat the past

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