The Art and the Artist

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How much does the art tell about the artist? Can we love the art yet hate the artist? Or do we blindly hate art if we hate the artist?

One of my recent cinematic indulge was a movie called Tár. The movie concentrated on Lydia Tár, a renowned musician who happened to be unpleasant as a person, yet highly talented and gifted in classical music. Throughout the movie, one can assess if it is possible to see the woman for her excellent skills rather than her shrews and uncanny behaviors. I would not go on further to discuss the movie in further detail for this is not a review nor a critique of the movie. But I would insist to discuss if one can love the art apart from the artist [the creator].

That is the very reason why it is easy to appreciate art for what it is. This is why a true artist never cares for accolades and recognition. The actual embodiment of the work is rewarding enough. It is true that art fully resides in the artist. But the artist exists in parts to leave his heartbeat elsewhere.

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