Bridges and Burns


Moving on is never easy. Because saying it outloud is truly difficult. But sometimes, it's worth to burn the bridges and cut the ties.

With all the rages

And the riots in my head,

I burnt the bridges.

I burnt them all.

With all the overthinking I mastered over the years,

And the words I have gathered,

I verbally exploded.

I said it all.

Unhinged and unfiltered.

With all the quirks I have left,

The tiny swords I crafted,

I poked my own heart,

To let the poison out,

To squirt the venom

And to banish all bad.

I burnt all the bridges.

I cut all the ties.

And now,

Standing on the tower of ashes,

I sing the hymns of heroes,

The songs of the gods.

In a whim of my boldness.

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