Justice to the broken hearts

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Who will give justice to those broken hearts? What kind of punishment will there be?

  A spouse bound by a union recognized under civil law who commits adultery, is punishable, upon complaint by the injured spouse, with simple imprisonment or fine; a statement taken from article 652 of the criminal code of Ethiopia. Adultery is also considered as a moral offence in our country besides being a crime which is punishable by law. It is a wrong doing which is seen as a wrong moral by our society and also as a sin in the teaching of many religions.

  But who is going to serve justice to those broken hearts. Hearts of those people whom their relationship is not recognized under the law; those hearts who get sad, left alone, cheated, lied and taken for granted. Who is going to give them access to justice? What kind of punishment is given to those who break their heart? How much compensation and damage is paid to them for making their ability to love diminish, for making them to have trust issues, for making them depressed, for ruining the plans they made, for wasting their time, energy, money, sanity and make them feel insecure? Who is going to be liable for these people shattered and fragmented hearts, hopes, and future. What kind of remedy will be given to them? How can we mend them to be like before?

  Let us say it is considered as a crime and there is a legislation to punish this kind of doing; what will be its punishment? What kind of punishment will mend these broken hearts? Will it be fine or imprisonment? Is it Simple or rigorous? Will there be a capital punishment? Will the convicted person have his right to bail? Are pardon and amnesty will be given to him? Who and how is going to serve justice for those broken hearts who fall into pieces and found around every corner of our life?  

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