Symptomatic Friendship


Some bitter facts

when you are in need of talking about what is bugging you or just want some good laughs or just a mere company of a friend...I will be there.

And when you want your space and feel like you want to be on your own...I will still be there

I will just make it less obvious.

Go take me for granted.

You got nothing to worry about, I tell you.

I promised to always be there for you.

And that is exactly what I am gonna do.

Yeah, go ahead and take me for granted.

Cos you see, that grants me more muscle in my continual practice of breaking my heart clean in to halves before anyone is able to even crack it.

Go ahead and take me for granted.

I need to muscle up my heart. I am looking after myself.

I am doing myself a favor.

Ain't we all selfish after all?

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