[Simple but not easy]


A simple but not easy reminder 😉

There are people with photographic memories 

And there are people who have to learn to build a camera on their own, 

And then master the the skill of developing films on top of being taught how to take pictures at right angles and light and sadly that is not all

They are then supposed to make sure the exact place they keep the pictures they take in their photo albums every now and then cause they may actually forget the details even after all they have done ... 

I am the later kind of people

the photograph in marron colored wood frame

hanging in my living room wasn't an easy click

You may not see it 

But it has my sweats and tears for a caption 

It may look like a one lousy snap 

but it is a whole kind of exhibition




To me, at least 

Am just telling you this so next time people are kind enough to let you into their galleries remember to respect the process 

Not every simple thing came easy

Not for everyone

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