Ode to that “Gursha” in Class

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A memorable snippet from those high school days…

Thou shalt not eat in thy classes lest you shalt get suspended.

- School of Tomorrow

The high school I have attended, like most of the high schools, has had rules and regulations that wouldn’t just sit right in my mind. Still and all, I do understand why they regarded eating during classes as inappropriate. But then again, as the high school juniors that we were, we held tight on to the statement, “Rules are meant to be broken.” And of course, there was that one student that would never step a foot out of line [thus, we were forced to be bad influences on that poor soul].

We sat in three pairs. We sort of built a wall using our bags and/or we sat in a way that the slots of our desks were well covered. I’m pretty sure more details on how we broke the rule isn’t necessary, not to mention lame. Rather, I will write about that incident I almost choked and died. On an unrelated note, something I learnt recently: people strangely enjoy reading “that one time I almost died…” kind of accounts. Barbaric, much? (Dies of hypocrisy.)

It was our mathematics period and the teacher was standing right across where I was sitting, my back facing him. My dear friend twirled the pasta waiting for a hint that our teacher is looking to the other side of the class. And few seconds before the teacher had turned to face us, she shoved that fork in my mouth, didn’t bother to take it out and just continued working out f(x)=… Meanwhile, I was choking and laughing. The volume of my classmates gradually started to decrease and everyone gawped over our side. “I am fine, really,” I repeated maybe thrice after I managed to contain my laughter, clear my burning throat and wipe my tears. Needless to say, I survived. And here I am putting unnecessary words together to end this paragraph.

I am writing this piece not because I am a foodie. No, don’t get me wrong, I do take pleasure in eating; however, the reason why I am immortalizing this memory here is because of how lively we felt in that dull school we attended. Those few minutes of trying to silence the “Sun Chips” we’re munching were like our safe haven from the tiresome and tedious school day routine. The food tasted ten times better than it did outside the classroom. And even if our snack break was in five minutes, we preferred having our lunch in class with all the hassle.

The only way is through, huh? Well, such minutes got me through. Oh! And of course, the “motivational speeches” from our devotion time, but mostly these minutes.

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