Here is why Egypt shouldn't try bombing the Dam:

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"The man in a glass house shouldn't be the first to throw the stones." Africans must unite in the spirit of pan Africanism and develop their resources rather being a stumbling block to each other.

As we know the pharonic kingdom is very sensitive and alert on the issue related to the Nile and more specifically on the #GERD.

Their ties with Nile river is long established and has been the source of more than 3000 age old Egyptian civilization. Due to governmental propaganda the Nile has become highly interwoven in the souls of Egyptian people. The socio political and economic make up of the pharonic kingdom highly relied on the Nile river. While Ethiopia is the source and supplier of more than 86% of it, she is left with no share according to the 1929 and 1959 colonial era agreement, which Ethiopia didn't sign. This is just like trying to forbid your neighborhood from eating their own dinner. More than 88% of the river is currently being utilized by Egypt and Sudan. The remaining 12% is wasted by evaporation in the Sinai desert and Mediterranean sea. The tension has risen ever since from the beginning of the construction of the dam. At that time and up to now the Egyptian leaders vowed to preserve a single drop 💧 of the Nile water by their blood. Ethiopia, a country which is severely affected by drought and famine consistently is endeavoring to lift its more than 110million population from acute poverty. How the hell is the Nile an issue of survival for Egypt and not for Ethiopia ? Did the Egyptians know that Ethiopians are suffering at the expense of their prosperity? Have they ever taken to their mind Ethiopia alone is Working hard for the sustainable flowing of the river fighting with "Emboch" , a weed which has the potential to dry up the river growing on lake Tana, the source of the river. Why the hell only Ethiopia pays the price ? all the while using 0% of it. Ethiopia didn't have any history of invading other nations, but had been invaded and heroically repulsed and crushed all of them. Egyptian government and its people should take to their thought the proverb, "The man in a glass house shouldn't be the first to throw the stones ".

War is not the solution and is not acceptable for the country, that says fair and equitable utilization of the Nile river, all the while being the source of it. Ethiopia doesn't deserve isolation and denial of fund in the international arena for its key projects which will transform and prosper the horn and Africa. Ethiopia doesn't deserve to be wreck havocked here and there which is undertaken by the ark enemies, which don't like to see Ethiopia rising. The only way up is through negotiation. If they want to swim together; rather than sink together, the diplomatic means is the only way. Ethiopians had never and will never negotiate on the matter of their sovereignty and pride .History has a lot to tell us. Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been colonized not to mention Liberia. 

Ethiopia have the truth with her, that's why victory is her life style. If Egypt miscalculate and did mistakenly try to wage war with Ethiopia, the only result will be Guba victory for Ethiopians. Egypt will rarely have the Air space from Sudan and Eritrea, close brothers, to successfully raid an attack on the dam. Their refueling Rafael fighter jet will need to travel several times in order to take out the dam, which is impossible. Evidently the war planes will fall down like the rain in the sky. Even if we assume the dam gets hit, what will happen is the forever blocking of the river with ruins of concrete blocks, which will divert the course of the river. That's why we say peace and negotiation; fair and equitable utilization of the Nile river, is the only solution. 

God bless truth loving nations!

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