A special piece that highlights the importance of our actions and how our unpredicated actions lead to undesirable outcomes

consequences was what should I have known when I met you.....consequences have taught me you..... Consequences are based on your approach.....The consequences were intentional......Consequences is a technique you acquired... Consequences have dragged me into you.....Consequences weren't predicted.....Consequence was a 7-year path all derived by you.....The consequences kept me fighting hard between my desires and what should be right...... Consequences kept me crossing my legs hard cause if I separated them I find all of you again...Consequences are still affecting every corner of my skin...The consequences have left me with heavy marks that I still witness when I remove my clothes... Consequences are what I'm trying to conceal from my loved ones...Consequences have started mistakenly according to your consent but by now I realize it was all meant by your plan.... Consequences it is like nothing can stop the devil inside you.....Consequences get stronger every time I am apart from you it gets stronger than ever your Need...Consequences can happen at any time no specific time for it.....Consequences are what your eyes are crying for once they are in contact with mine eyes.....The consequence is your urge to itch your skin if you don't get it...Consequences are controlled by strong lust of yours.....Consequences have no rules nor limits it is like you forgot them once you are turned on nothing ever made sense.....Consequences reminded me of how you took advantage of the tiny details in a manner that suited you...Consequences of love was your excuse of getting your job done.....Consequences didn't warn my actions I was too close to you and I wanted and loved every moment we had before I knew what's behind it....Consequences have got me going with the flow.....Consequences of life favored you over me.....Consequences made you win all the time......

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