In this world filled with chaos, Ezra's premonition leads him to uncover unsettling truths about his morality.

‘I can feel chaos is coming’ Ezra murmured. ‘I'm on the verge of madness. This is insane. but I'm just doing the right thing. This is not insanity, it's nobility. What I'm going to do is out of pure kindness, courage, and a bit of egoism, there is no shame in being egoistic. Ego is nothing but self-interest and when has it been a sin to appease yourself.’ He run his fingers through his hair ‘I will take matters into my own hands. Leave it to God they said.’ he scoffed.’ Does this so-called God even exist? Or is he acting aloof? or maybe he is heedless, but then it's against his nature. We can't have an oblivious God. Incompetent, yes incompetent is the right word. he took out his cross and started examining it. Somehow expecting to give him answers. ‘Better call him incompetent than evil. Gifting us a utopia world was in his hands and yet he chose to throw us into complete disarray, he sent us into this chaotic ugly world full of hideous souls, who do nothing but inject their darkness into the flesh of the innocents. Maybe he is too merciful. Maybe he doesn’t have the guts to vanish his creation or maybe his father figure title got the best of him. They are his souls after all.' He got up and made his way to the balcony of his office. A cool wind caressed his cheeks.’ I can’t believe I am breathing the same air as these Malefactors’. He gritted his teeth; a sudden spasm of sadness and despair filled his mind as his vision blurred. A warm tear dropped down his cheeks. His hands started to tremble. He held on to the railing to steady himself. In a split second, an intrusive thought flashed through his mind. He put his right leg on the railing and peered down from the balcony.

‘Mr. Ezra’ his assistant looked at him concerned. ‘The meeting will be held in the conference room at 10 a.m.’ She looked at him up and down ‘Are you okay.’ ‘Am fine.’ he said as he closed the door. ‘I thought I told you not to call me Mr.’ Ezra pulled Eliana toward him. 'Did you bring me the papers?’  he asked, giving her a peck on the lips.’ ‘Yes,’ she handed him the papers. ‘These people need to go to jail. ’She snapped. ‘Five thousand people died over ten years, with a minimum of one thousand people per project. This is just like the torment endured by the Israelites when forced to build the pyramids. And these deaths were recorded merely as accidents. They don’t even equip them with a single construction helmet for God's sake and they dare to call it an accident, this is crystal clear mass murder. Five years ago, two billion was levied by the CEO for the complete renewal and purchase of new construction supplies and machinery. Another two million for the comprehensive training of the workers and on-site inspectors and Fixed meal allowance in case the workers are malnourished and yet only forty percent of the money was used for the actual purpose. For instance, check these out.’ she singled out ten photos from the papers and handed them to him. ‘These are the construction sites for the project alpha located in remote areas. They use unsafe wooden scaffold ladders, and no one volunteers to do onsite inspections except these demons. You remember how they didn't let you go on that trip last summer, it's because they don’t want you to find out. And guess what the total number of industrial accidents reported to the head office.’ Feeling overwhelmed, Eliana brushed her face with her hand. Unable to comprehend how a person can be cold-blooded enough to sleep, eat, and live peacefully after committing this felony. ‘Only five hundred was reported as in injury not even a single death.  The majority of labourers hired for such projects are often homeless,

Orphans with no budget allocated for their protection. If they die, they are merely sent to a hospital with the expenses covered. There is no accountability for ensuring their safety because no one would enquire about them or the industrial accident liability loss. Many of these laborers are teenagers without identification which makes them virtually untraceable. ’

‘Thank you, honey.' He sighed. 'Dinner is with me tonight. Call me when you finish.' he gave her a kiss on her forehead. ‘Sweetheart you don’t look alright. I know it's hard for you to hear all of these, but this is how the world was, is, and will be it’s a case of survival of the fittest. You can’t do anything about it. They have the money and power. No one can put them behind the bars. Instead, they are the ones who would put you behind bars if you dared to report. This is absurd but in this absurd  world, we must imagine Sisyphus happy. There is no alternative. we could either curse every step we take and be miserable or embrace the small fruits of life and be happy despite an absurd existence.' She fixed his necktie. 'Now choose a dose of nihilism or a dose of caffeine.'

‘You are right, get me a cup of coffee then.’ he smiled. ‘Good boy. Am proud of you’ She gave him a bear hug and left. Later that night Ezra broke up with Eliana. It was time for a   new kind of relationship -A darker one.

Hello, it's Ezra,' he said, holding his phone in his right hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. ‘Oh wow, I didn’t know you will call as a customer. Special discount for a special friend then’ said the person on the other line. ‘Yes, yeah, I'm ready, that’s what I want, tomorrow is our night, bye.' He stared at his reflection on the swimming pool. He took out his cross and started caressing it. 'Finally, standing face to face with chaos’. Ezra said gulping his whiskey and throwing his cross behind his back into the pool.

‘What a beautiful evening Mr. Ezra. I didn’t know you hosted this kind of parties.  what's the occasion?’ asked Mr. Simon rubbing his about to burst big belly.’  ‘I will tell you at the end of the party. Go enjoy with the girls now.’Ezra replied trying to hide his disgust. A few minutes later Ezra told the female entertainers to return to their houses.

‘Gentlemen, I have some exciting news to share. I'm thrilled to announce that I've been promoted to regional manager! that’s why am throwing this party tonight. we'll enjoy some delicious Thai cuisine prepared by a real Thai chef. And for the main course, we will have fried Fugu and Phlaa salad. Hours after the dinner as they all were eating, chattering, and laughing, all the guests started to feel dizzy, but they ignored it. Thinking it was the effects of the alcohol. Simon felt the sudden urge to go to the toilet. He got diarrhea. He spent an hour there and felt a little bit better. There must be something in the food he thought to himself. He washed his hands and got back to the living room. Ezra was sitting alone on the couch shining his hammer with a white cloth. ‘Where are the others?’ asked Simon confused. ‘They are in that room.’ he pointed. ‘You might want to join them.’ he said nonchalantly. When Simon got in that room, he was in complete shock. All of his nine colleagues were on the floor each one of them with their right arm amputated. Their head was covered with black plastic bags. Two of their eyes plucked out and were put on the fist of their left arm. He could read the sheer terror written all over Simon's face 'You must be wondering how fast I was able to prepare this exhibition. Look behind you, this is one of the fastest human butchers in this world. Say hi to your Grim Reaper Simon’ Ezra said. ‘Listen, Amigo, this man right here,' he patted Simon on his shoulder ' A puffer fish couldn't even kill him' he chuckled. 'Do you know how poisonous a puffer fish is?' He looked at Simon puzzled. 'No wonder, he's is the definition of venom. He is a pedophile who raped ten children physically abused his wife and his one daughter whom he molested and beat to death, is responsible for the death of five thousand people and is the king of thieves. What do you think is his punishment’ he looked at his friend.’ please don’t kill me, please.’ sweat started running down his bald head. His eyes turned bloodshot red. He fell at the feet of Ezra’s friend with a black mask. The friend removed her mask and showed herself to Simon. It was Eliana. ‘You should have said that when my brother was begging you the same way, you monster.’ she snatched the hammer from Ezra and smashed his head and all of his bones down to the tiniest bone. Ezra came back with a big boulder.

‘One must imagine Sisyphus happy my ass!

 finding joy in the struggle alone is insufficient for happiness. Some rotten men must die for the innocent to live.“You can’t rely on anybody these days, you gotta do everything yourself, don’t we.”  Joker said. He was right not even God. Bye-bye Simon. Let's meet in hell.’ said Ezra. He threw the boulder on his face leaving Simon's blood splatter all over the house . ‘ come on darling, it's coffee time’ said Eliana.

Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee? But in the end, one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.” ― Albert Camus, A Happy Death  

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