The Hidden Screams Of The Beauty

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A poem about self-perception, inner turmoil, and existential questioning.

Oh she is beautiful, 

One Hundred percent, 

Addicting is her scent, 

Her eyes mesmerizing, 

Like blue luminescent,

The moon is jealous of her,

She is a muse to every painter.

Aphrodite made her eyes hazel, 

And it's grudging every damsel,

Every bachelors eyes are on her,

But what’s the use.

 she is a  recluse.

No concern for the public views,

People cherished  her looks,

Unaware of her soul Bleeding,

She went to church everyday Pleading,

‘’oh dear lord break me free from these  demons

 Don’t leave me  alone  to suffer from their malevolence.’’

Little did she know,

That her own thoughts made her discontent,

 Her biggest  source of disappointment,

Her mind filled with pessimism,

Questioning  altruism,

Everyone has evil intention.

That was her  propostion,

To suspect,  To question,To reject,

 It was  all virtue,

A vice to endure,

To protect herself and feel secure

 A fallacy for hoax coziness,

A  delusion that snatched her happiness.

It was the world she feared,

In her mind she was hated.

Her thoughts altered her image,

She was unable to see her prestige,

Her mirror showed her a fairy,

But her eyes saw a bogy.

It was a battle she could never win.

A struggle from within,

She pleaded God a compensation,

How can he permit  her creation.

She said God committed a felony,

She doubted his sanity,

It made her contemplate his actuality.  

She said ‘‘God you made a mistake,

my tranquility was not something for you to fortake.’’

She blamed everyone but herself,

Poor semeret

She went to court,

Her thoughts were her prosecutors,

A court with no defence,

She couldn’t shut off her ugly notions ,

She hand no choice but to helplessly witness,

Her self being sentenced to eternal silence ,

May her beautiful soul rest in peace,

May she slumber  tightly,

Relish her wish for everlasting tranquility.

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