Existence Monotheism or Justness


late night or should I say early morning thoughts. just questions that cross my mind during my insomniac state of being.

I woke up from a Slow-Wave sleep,

My dreams were not peaceful, indeed

To turn a page of the bible,I thought was a good deed

Jonah 4:7 it read

"But at dawn the next day

 God provided a worm,

which attacked the plant,

 and made it wither."

What a positive way,

To start your day,

God knew Jonah was happy the other day,

And yet, he provided him a worm??

Go Jehovah go and slay!!!

I guess? I don’t know what to say.

God teaches lessons in a painful way.

He got problems with the phrase ‘take it easy’,

Maybe am too weak to take him seriously,

Or maybe too stubborn to submit utterly.

I always wonder about him,

And yet I make no effort to get to know him.

Death is my biggest concern,

Will I be able to meet him then?

Tell me dear reader,

Which one is better?

Life or death?

Is there even life after death?

People say, ‘Can't you just enjoy your life?'

But isn't it death that rules life?

If death didn’t exist,

People wouldn't be the same,

If God didn’t exist,

People wouldn’t act the same.

 I am what lukewarm God calls

He detests the kinds of me  of all.

‘You Half-hearted apathetic,

Get out of my kingdom you pathetic!!!’

He will scream at my soul,

then I will have no one to implore,

To the devil I will be sold,

With my fellow sinners,

The pagans and non believers’

that’s what the crowd says,

at least the bible readers and church goers.

And I have another crowd that call God a fairy twat,

''OH! Do you think you are all that??

You are just a speck of dust,

You have no soul nor god sweetheart''

But I am more concerned about his justice,

More than the question of his existence,

I am quite sure of his actual presence,

And I don’t wish to prove it using science,

For merging God with science is to my head a nuisance,

Who is the real God?Allah?Krishna?Jehovah?

That question is of no importance.

My biggest question is what is his opinion on justice?

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