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A poem about unrequited love, pride, and the struggle for control of a heart broken man.


Her feelings for me,

are like a wilted lavender,

But  my heart commands me,

To keep on  writing her  a letter,

 she says, "I will never accept your love,

not now, not ever."

Why  this disgrace,

Is it  because of how her gaze,

Makes my heart race.

What a lethal humiliation, 

She doesn't even give me slight attention.

Oh dear heart,I need you to retire,

Stop your silly desire,

Not everything you require , 

Is meant for you to acquire,

Don't turn me in to delusional, 

Don’t you know am called, the intellectual.

Oh  dear heart, you and your malefactions, 

In the name of my vain infatuation,

You made my virility suffer mortification  

you ruined my reputation,

Now it's time to end your domination, 

Between you and my brain, 

I  opted for brain,

illusion it disdain, 

When you attack me with your misconception,

I will fall back on my brain,

For it’s the only organ the keeps me sane.

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