Perfect facade

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My life shined like a trophy case, wealth and power beyond imagination is what every man wishes for and more. Yet, a sense of danger and unease has.....

My life shined like a trophy case, a powerful law career, wealth and power beyond imagination and my sweet Lisa whom I married 2 years ago. My life is perfect, it is what every man wishes for and more. Yet, a sense of danger and unease has been swallowing me for months. It intensified moving into our new house.Next door stood a gloomy, abandoned mansion. My realtor assured me no one lived there for over a decade, but the intense feeling in my gut told me otherwise. I would see strange movements, which I attribute to my imagination.  One night I woke up to find myself drenched in cold sweat, nightmare already lost. My wife was still fast asleep so I decided to go back to sleep, But before I could, there in the up stair window of the abandoned mansion I saw a light, a burning red light. Panic washed over me, heart weak, and stomach sick. Cool lawyer façade replaced by primal, sharp fear. I quickly went for my revolver gun, checking the chambers I felt a misplaced sense of control.I decided climbing wall separating our properties was the best way. The mansion loomed over me. Gun in hand I climbed the wall, the absurdity of the situation masked by adrenaline. Reaching the top I saw the red light vanish, thick silence hang in the air, urgency took over me and I jumped into the overgrown backyard.Inside was the same as the outside old and abandoned. Yet the emptiness was unsettlingly clean. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and soon as they did I moved them to the stairs, determined to face whatever was up there. A sudden rustle, gun raised I followed the sounds to an opened doorway. “Who is there” I roared. Blinding lights, three figures emerged, teenagers by the looks of them, Terror on their faces one crumpled to the floor, the other put his hands between himself and me, with hesitation mumbled “he..hey man sorry we didn’t know this was your house we didn’t……” before he could finish his sentence the 3rd man jumped at me a deafening boom filled the room, the boy crumpled with a sickening thud. The remaining vanished through the backdoor but I wasn’t going to allow that whatever these boys were doing is endangering all I worked for I can’t let that happened, in the backyard a figure stumbled without hesitation I fired. A choked scream ripped through the air, a chilling familiarity sent shivers through my spine. My gun fell into the grass, my legs gave out, with twisting dread, I clawed my way to the teenager but it wasn’t a teenager, it was Lisa, my sweet Lisa her. “Lisa” I rasped but silence answered. My life a perfect cruel illusion, My wife gone at the hands of my own fear.

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