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It is short you don't need a summary just read it


      As long as jack can remember he hated secrets he believed secrets were no different than lies. In his mind there were no good secrets all secrets give birth to lies and mistrust he lived his life with this notion and because of that he was a very honest person even as a child he would prefer to admit to his mistakes and get punished rather than lying and getting away with it but now for the first time in his life he had a secret and the talking frog whom he just befriended was no help at all. He first saw him on his window and when the frog talked jack was excited for the first time since the last few days but his excitement quickly turned to fear a fear that this frog might find about his secret the secret he must not let anyone know about “something on your mind kid?” He looked up from his food to make an eye contact the frog. 

    If it wasn't for his bright blue skin and his red big eyes with black dots for pupils the frog looked like any other ordinary frog. “No i am fine Finn” responded jack before rushing his eyes to his food yet again “well you seemed kind of out of it are you sure you okay?” jack took one last bite from his food and stood up thinking of a response for the question physically he was fine but mentally he was still tormented by the secret he was forced to keep. “I am glad you asked i am not okay Finn ever since you got here my life has been nothing but suffering” with a look of shock and confusion Finn asked “w..what? What did i do?” Jack took a moment to answer but finally answered "well you did two things first you surrounded me with unbelievable amount of love you are like the girlfriend i never had" as soon as he heard that Finn closed his eyes and he lowered his head and moved his lips in a way that looked like as smile jack wondered if frogs can even laugh "you virgin child you scared the shit out of me" jack didn't say anything back he waited for the frog to ask him about the second thing after few moments Finn finally asked “wait you said two things what is the second thing?” “oh yeah the second thing” jack placed his plate on the counter were Finn sat and got close to him “your secret of course you promised you would tell me how you are able to talk if i provided food and shelter well it has been 2 days since you started living here and you have been eating amazing food” Finn sighed and with almost a hesitation he started talking “first of all 'amazing' is a word i wouldn't use for your food second you need to be more patient when you read a book there this things called chapters....” he used a mocking voice when he said the word "chapters". 

“...and you need to read the first chapter before you read the last you can't just skip chapters you need to enjoy every chapter as it was the last because like life books have endings” jack knew the frog wouldn't tell him his secret yet it made him angry that someone in his house is keeping a secret but since he himself is keeping one he gave him the benefit of the doubt. 

"Okay but when your last chapter is?" asked jack 

"Don’t worry about that life always has answers you just have to wait and listen" jack laughed under his nose "you should be a life coach someday"

“No i am too busy living my life to worry about other people's life”.

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