Finn and Jack

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a boy encounters something abnormal but he soon learns normal is an ever changing thing so he decided to learn about his new normal.

“Did you just talk?” he asked as stared at me with his curious brown eyes. Before I could respond he walked closer to me “hey stop you are violating my personal area!” he stopped hesitantly “how? can you talk?” “well you see I have something called a voice box” “no I didn’t mean like that” he interrupted normally I would punch anyone interrupting me but considering the fact that he just heard a frog talking I looked past it, I am indeed a talking frog I don’t know how I acquired an advanced human skill called language but I have never thought about it before and I was never asked to explain why I could talk “what I meant was how can you speak and understand human language ” he pressured “I don’t know” I answered “can all frogs speak?” “none that I have encountered” he closed his eyes shut he looked like he was trying to solve a math question and when he opened them he looked like he figured the answer out “i must be going crazy then or maybe I am having a stroke excuse me but I need to call an ambulance” he pulled out a fancy rectangle from his pocket and started hitting the phone with one finger and he pressed it against his ear I didn’t know what he was doing but I need to assure him he is not going crazy “kid you are not crazy I am just a frog that can talk I don’t know how I got this gift but i could always understand humans” he lowered his rectangle “so what is your name kid?” I asked hoping to ease the situation “Jake my name is Jake” he seemed much calmer “can y…..” “what are you?” he interrupted this was the second time I couldn’t just let it pass “kid I am trying to help you understand here but don’t ever interrupt me again and don’t ask someone what they are that is very rude plus you can see what I am I am a frog” he stood quite in front of me afraid to make me mad “you can talk now kid” “right yeah sorry I just don’t know what to say” he looked down at his feet seeming ashamed of his words “ I am a frog so what? It is true I can talk but that doesn’t matter all that matters is that I am a frog and any skill I may or may not possess are beside the point” he looked up to me with a much serious face “I can’t ignore something like this frogs don’t talk it is abnormal” “normal is defined by your knowledge and experience and since you know more now so it is not abnormal it is just your new normal” he got one foot closer to the window I was sitting on “can you at least stay here and help me figure out my new normal?” “as long as you provide food” he smiled gently “what do I call you?” he asked I never been called anything so I didn’t know what tell him “I don’t have a name just call me frog or blue frog” I have a blue skin so the name seemed appropriate to me “ no that won’t do how about Finn?” “Finn? How did you come up with that name?” “ don’t laugh but when I was a kid I used to watch this show called adventure time and the two main characters were called Finn and Jake since my name is Jake I thought…..” “you thought you should name me Finn?” he looked embarrassed by my comment “Finn is fine” his eyes got filled with excitement “and next time when someone interrupts you don’t let them get away with ok kid” “sure but stop calling me kid I am a man” “how old are you then?” “18” he said proudly “so you still a kid, kid” he grinned at my comment.

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