Penny for her pain


The thoughts that were going through her head, in one of her bad days.

"Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Not necessarily in that order", that is a line from one of my favorite poems and this story is the middle.


For the first time, her heart and brain are working together,

Trying to hide her sorrow, telling her eyes to get a grip,

Warning them not to give up on the secret they've been trying to keep hidden for so long.

It is not her fault that bad things happen to her; she is simply one of the unlucky ones.

But her eyes couldn't keep up any longer, and the sting isn't letting them either,

No matter how hard they try, it will not go away,

Looking up isn't helping, and looking down makes matters worse,

Like the sky couldn't carry the rain forever, her eyes, had given up on carrying her pain,

They allowed her tears to fall, revealing her secret to all.

That she despises those who have found happiness because she has never found hers,

displaying the agony hidden behind her lashes.

Her heart couldn't keep up either, feeling trapped,

Unable to stop the beat from going up,

The brain felt betrayed, and it became weak and unable to think. 

She didn't know what to do, she didn't know how to hide,

She fought to keep what little she had.

Her heart was racing and her brain was shutting down,

Her tears not being able to stop,

She had forgotten how to breath. 

Overall, she felt naked and numb, her mask ripped off and her bravery shattered.

She was a walking corpse among the living. 

Did they truly believe they were assisting her by telling her to wipe her tears and stay strong?

"Everything happens for a reason" said the woman or man, she wasn’t really listening,

But what she heard was the whisper of her frail brain,

When the living side pushes you, choose to be on the dead side,

She was, indeed, a walking dead among the living. 

She is not someone who was built to weather the ups and downs,

She isn't much of a fighter,

She is like most people who believe they are too small to conquer the world.

And this is the beginning.




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