"My blog is better than your vlog"

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It is a ranting about how blog is better than vlog, exactly like the title.

I got the title from one of the books i enjoyed reading, Jennifer L.Armentrout's Lux series, in which one of the main characters has a blog site with this name that she uses to write book reviews, and the other day i heard some vlogger say that "i can't believe people still blog" and this title just popped up, so i figured why not rant about it.

Just a heads up, dear nameless dude, vlog stands for video blogging. Isn't it funny that this indicates that you yourself is a blogger as well? Not in the sense of a simpler, more fun, and applicable way of writing a blog, but close enough. To make your vlog great, you must be at the desired location at a specified moment, use a camera or a high-quality phone and use a microphone. That sounds like a lot of work, and don't get me started on how you have to interact with people to reach your audience, how you have to plan your every move and if your video is of sufficient quality, then there is the editing portion, ayooo. Fight me if I'm wrong but for all that dedication i commend you.

You can't be hating on bloggers based on the fact that they only need their words to demonstrate their abilities, that they only need a paper and a pen (or incase of technology just their phone or laptop) to move nations, that they only need their creativity and imagination to change the world. All that is required is the experience, knowledge and understanding to write it in an amicable manner without regard to specific location or time.

Who do you think would come out on top if vloggers and bloggers were put in a room and given the opportunity to demonstrate a certain idea? You guys need too many equipments and space. Don't get me wrong you have an amazing use for people who can't see things in their head or who aren't fond of beautiful words but trust that "my blog is better than your vlog".

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