Wait, For Love.


On this island everyone is born with a specific tattoo telling them how they are going to die. But the people has never been outside they it's just a birthmark.

"I always knew how I was going to die, it was written on my skin from the day I was born" she said looking down at her heart shaped tattoo. "I just hope its not soon" she whispers and proceeds to sing along to the song we had playing on repeat.

Andy Grammar was playing in the background and we are sitting by my window.                

 " And I will stay

 I will stay with you

 we will make it to the other side

 like lovers do" I look at Gwen next to me, her big curly hair covering her face but I can tell she was about to cry because her voice starts to crack up.

I gently held her hair as I pulled her to my chest. She grabs the fabric around my chest and instantly broke down crying. It hurts me to see my Gwen cry "We are going to make it, please dont cry" I wanted to say more but I dont want her to recognize that I was holding back tears too. I will be strong for both of us, I have to. I will save you Gwen.

"Dan" she calls. I look down at my hand but shes not there. "Dan are you done?" I followed the voice and I was surprised to see Gwen in a white dress at my door. Wow,this one completely felt real. 

I looked at her confused " I am ready?"

"To the party,Dan. You said you wont forget"

"The party, yes" I got up and said " I am ready to go"

"Yes, you did forget. Let me guess, you were busy writing your silly fiction." she giggled."Okay, dont give me that look its good to be a little late anyways" she said reaching her hand out to me and proceeding to talk about the people that were coming to the party. I'm not in the mood to socialize but I will go anywhere with you. As we were heading out my eyes landed on her bright red tattoo. But will you, Gwen?


There's a lot of people here, everybody yelled "Happy Birthday" when they saw Gwen behind me. She likes to be around people. I used to be like her when we were kids but once Ryan left, I completely changed. People think its because I lost my younger best friend but its the things he told me before he left. Ryan had a bird tattoo, I have a similar one with a ribbon around its neck. Even though I dont know the meaning Ryan believed the tattoos are how we are going to die and once you left this island they dont work.

He always talked about superstitious stuff but this one I believe,I saw his tattoo disappear from his forehead as he jumped off the cliff into the ocean that day hoping the big ships will find him. that was the only way out. People think he died but I know he made it.I wanted to follow but Gwen...She has a heart tattoo and the average heart diesese takes 20 years to kill. Gwen is turning 21 right now.

I look up at her in the middle of the crowd, she is shining as usual. She is laughing, my heart starts to race. You are not dying, please live, for me.I went directly to her and huggged her from the back. She turns around and her brown eyes met mine, "Lets dance Gorgeous" I said without my eyes leaving hers. She nods and and puts her arm around my neck, having her close completely takes my confidence.

Tell her, you cant back down now,Tell her, tell her, tell "Run away with me, to live."perfect, idiot.You waited 5 months to say this.

"What?" she replied "Gwen, lets leave this island and go to the big city."

"The big city doesnt exist, silly. You are a good writer but you are starting to believe your own lies.whats next? the birthmarks mean something?" she cutts me off.

"Yes, Gwen. Thats how we are going to die"

"What does yours mean then? Dan you need to get over this everyone has a unique birthmark, its art."

"But Ryan..." 

she cuts me off again. "Ryan slipped and fell off the cliff, Dan, no mystery there. Can we just dance?" I nod silently. she is breathing heavily like she is out of breath "Gwen, you are dying." I say before I can think.

"This is ridiculous" she stops dancing. "How could you say this to me on my birthday, especially knowing how much this hurts me. I'm getting treatment, I have faith but you can go ahead and live your fantasy life, fantasizing about the big city.I am so done with you."


"No, Dan I want you to go home."she left and I was left in the middle of a staring crowd. okay, Gwen I will leave, atleast you will go to a better place.

I was driving in a high speed.My heart is racing like crazy. I will just jump off the cliff with my car. It'll be okay, easy and okay. Music, yes, that will make it faster. I opened the radio and Andy Grammer is playing. Gwen, I am sorry Gwen. I see Gwen infront of me. I am probably imagining her again,I wont stop the car.

But what if I am not. I immediately jotted the wheel crashing into a tree. The tree broke down and fell on top of my body through my car. I was definitely imagining, Gwen hates me. The door to my car opens and someone is pulling me, its blurry but Gwen? even in my last minutes I am thinking of her. It all makes sense now, the bird with the ribbon, its a survivors tattoo, I will die trying to survive.

"Dan please stay with me,dont let go Dan Dan listen to me" I hear Gwen's voice and she is sobbing. Andy Grammar is playing in the background, I imagined this different. "I came for you Dan, can you hear me? help is on the way" I cant stop hearing her voice and feeling her soft hand on my face. My Gwen, I have to go now.

 "And I will fight

 I will fight for you

 I always do

 until my heart is black and blue" the song ends and so does my life.

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