A college senior,Melona,found herself in a distressed situation.A situation she tried her hardest to avoid. Will she choose to do the right thing or not?

“I can feel chaos is coming” Melona whispers for the first time in the last 3 hours. The fan attached to her celling contributes to the heavy tension of the room, where it is dead silent but louder than a highway.  Her exhausted brown eyes shifted from the mirror she has been staring at to the twitching lamp in slow motion.

Although it didn’t match the clean girl aesthetic of her room, that lamp added a touch of cozy that she loves. A small smile appeared in her face as her hand slowly slide down her soft bare leg, slipped her 4 inch heels off her beautiful legs to suddenly smash the bulb of the lamp. She sighed along side the shuttering voice and quickly shifted her attention to her hanging clock,since it is the only thing visible in the pitch black room.

3:48 am…she applied red lipstick randomly, probably out of line and smudged. There is only a few cares one can give when one is completely broken. She mumbled “I can dance or drown then” as she closes her door behind her."

Earlier that week

It was a beautiful day in spring, hot enough to make melona wear her silk sundress. Although the color matches her golden brown skin beautifully, she usually found it rather too permiscuous."Its fine, i'm in the library afterall" she thought replying to the slut shaming voices  in her head.

A brush of wind blew directly to her neck to move her long curly hair. She looked outside of the window to the harmony of spring creating beauty, the voice of the birds on the flourishing trees, girl underneath cordinating with their colorful skirts and the variety of fruits amd flowers it gives, she closed her eyes to take it all in.

While she was caught up in her calm corner, clumsy hands approached her vision, knocking down her open coffee actoss the strategically organized table. Her ocd mind suddenly providing multiple ways to unalive the idiot who...has the most shiny eyes. "sorry" he greets her with a warm smile.

"Hey"she replied without thinking. He broke the eyecontact to clean her table. "I am sorry. I was, I didn't see you there. I am new here, not to the school, to the library. He chuckled and continued "I am not dumb, I am an athlete so.." "shhhh" he was interrupted by the librarian. He nods and walks away.

He played basketball but majors in psychology, Melona knew that. Infact she knew a whole lot from the two years she spent looking at him from far, it definitely helped that his twin sister is bestfriends with her roommate. But what Melona didnt know was when he returned to her table with "Aaron Samuel, nice to meet you. Can I buy you lunch?" that day will end with a mug shot.

Their late lunch turned into a walk in the park stalled enough to an early dinner. Aaron was funny, a gentleman and even more cuter up close.And for the first time in two years, he is interested to know about her as much as she was about him. So she told him all about her interests, family and favourite thing and he listened with a smile that warmed her heart.

"What I don't get is" he cuts her off "Melona" her name from his mouth slounds like a soft harp, nostalgic music to her ears."Why don't I know you?" she looked down trying her best to collect her consiciousness "I dont go out much" she replied. "I spend most of the weekends back at my parents house and when i'm in campus, I come for class."

"Are you telling me that for four years you haven't went out with friends or a party?" She chose her words desperately to give the right vibe "not too much, less is more in this case." "Let's go" he got up impulsively. "Where are we going?" she asked "We graduating in two months there is no way you will do that without attending a dumb college party." her head suddenly felt heavy. She knew her answer was clear and no.But Aaron already held her bag for her and looked back from his shoulder assumimg she will come. "Do it for the plot" he added and she was sold. Her spontaneous decision took over the whole dag and it was amazing after all.

They went down the block following the loud music. There were multiple students but she recognized almost none of them Amazed by how much of the campus she didn't know, she missed the entrance stair and almost fell down. But Aaron caught her upper arm just in time. She looked up at him and ber eyes were like a love spell to him. When he pulled her up ,her saint brush through him slightly. Flowery, fresh and intoxticating. "you are absoluty beautiful" he grabbed her neck with his other hand & slowly approached her lips " I cant kiss You" she wishpered.

"I am sorry" he let go of her. She grabbed his hand to comfort him "yet" she added. "why not?" He found himself asking. "because" the words became hard for her so he assumed "  because I am not your boyfriend,its okay lets go inside".

She hasn't seen Aaron for a while now. Her romantic day suddenly faced an awkward bump. He said he will go to get her drinks but she is worried he dicthed her. "should I explain myself" she thought. she decided it was better you leave so walked toward the door."I don't even have his number" she stopped with that thought,feeling like a coward to throw it all over a misunderstanding.

When she walked back she spot him in the Conner.she walk toward him and called his name with a smile that suddenly faded when she spot her roomate betty against the wall he was facing.A rage of anger filled her body seeing her lipstick in his chin. Tears filled her eyes and her body went on autopilot to the seven steps she learned

"First take a deep breath.

Second remover your self from the situation.

Third realized.." betty help her hand stopping her from walking out. "Melana" she cuts her off " didn't I tell you not to touch my stuff" she punched her face with out a thought. Before she can throw another one the police arrived. There was a drug busted and melona was also caught.

The next two days were an absolute nightmare for her. Everything about that nigth: the smell of the alcohol,the fight, the police were the triggers she avoided for 4 years. The truth was Melona is a diagnosed psychopath. She spent the last year of highschool in a mental institute assigned mandatory by the government after she tried to unalive her long term boyfriend.

Her defense was he was undergoing a painful medically treatment twice a week and she wanted to relief him from his pain. He eventually passed away from the illness. That pushed her more into darkness and developed a severe alchol addiction. She was finally getting her life togther in college after her fresh start.

Present time

But Aaron's word replied in her brain after he bailed her out. "I am an idiot, I am sorry Melona. It is my fault you ended up in this situation. I saw you through the window and You took my breath away. I thought I was being a man coming to talk to you I panicked and runied your book first. Then, Gosh I am so stupid, I thought I was making it upto you with taking you out for lunch. It should have ended there but I took the liberty to stall for the rest of the day. " he spoke for the entire ride and she looked at him silently.

" you scare me when you look at me like that" he told her. "I have a 4 am practice so I should go. You are right will get into more dangerous things if you hang arround me. Good bye Melona". But what he didn't know was Melona was the kind of person that will gladly danced with danger for love. Infact she has been awake practicing for 3 hours now.

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