Mental Currencies and the effect it has on the economy


The underlying cause for our economy fall is the unrapped and hidden generational emotional abuse our country had and sadly continues to have till this day.

"The economy is falling", " we are in rescission" , " the currency is dying" are common phrases nowadays. I am sure you know the severity of it with the media juggling the news every where. but I always find myself asking which currency?

Is it the mental currency or i.e the amount mental health a person has to sacrifice to get what s/he wants ..? because with the suicide rate being 205 per week, in Ethiopia alone, yea I would say we are falling. 

when I ask these questions out loud I get answers like "we are talking numbers here and this is about the economy".but isn't it the underlying issues behind all of problems,even economically? The mental currencies everybody is giving and wasting everyday? or its actually deeper and it's the emotional damage our country abused for several generations?

Let me draw you a simple picture. Men were taught to be warriors and not sensitive when our country needed defense. A toxicly masculine father never showed loved to his wife and children. The parents are misrable and children grow up invalidated. they understood the trauma so "fixed" it by working hard and showing love to their families in terms of items and luxuries they never had. even though it was better than what they dreamed about growing up, it still wasn't the answer so you have our generation lushing out on theirs parents who were not taught communication but expect love and validation in exchange for tangable items they gift.

so the next generation obviously turned out to be more than 75% depressed to get an office job and takes 2 hr rest after asking the neighbors for a favor. I mean why even bother to work,keep yourself busy in a 9-5 job that might earn you freedom over the weekdays but still trapped to going back to your parents house to get half of your groceries in exchange for the mental health you preserved in the weekends.

Now we have adults with killed passion, getting a college degree for the sake of getting it and expect the government to provide them the job. still hoping to end up as the celebrity they fantisize but if worse comes to worst, they will end up as thier parents with similar house they grew up in. expect their parents got it for the quarter of the price now and they will need to save atleast 20 years to buy it with the rate they are paid. but the funny part is even the house won't guarantee happiness or satisfaction,because in capitalism the grass is always greener on the other is pure conscious or poor collection, but thats a discussion for another time.

so yes the youth, which is more than 35% of the population and the future of the country, is unmotivated for work and the economy is falling.And all of that was from a zoomed out of a single point. if we consider every point and figure out the consequences, we could fix most of our national issues. it would atleast be a step into the right direction cause the answers lie in unrapping generational traumas and the bankruptcy of the mental currencies. 

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