The way we judge ourselves


We usually are judging ourselves & looking for fault in our actions. How about we make peace with oursleves and say " calm down you will dow better next time"?

People judge. It's part of nature. We judge almost everything. But I believe we spend a lot of time judging ourselves. We usually examine oursleves in a negative tone. The most heart wrenching comments often come from our head, from that little voice we try to ignore but always end up listening to.

Jugement is one of the factors that shapes⁶ us to be better. It also helps us to be aware of ourselves. But the way it is addressed always matters. Just like how it's said, "ከፍትፍቱ ፊቱ". How it is presented will determine the result even if the purpose is the same.

"Don't judge your past versions of you through the lens of who you are now."

Your past, the mistakes you made are not the one who you are but who you were. And there is a big difference.

Time changes everything. So do you. Your mistakes made you a better person.

So next time, don't beat yourself for not doing what you thought you would do. Instead say "now i know better, i will get better, i will fix it."

Make peace with the judgmental voice in your head. When self criticizing thoughts knock at your door, don't avoid them and run away. Instead, face them. Invite them in, sit and talk. Fix the crack, clear the misunderstanding and send them back with love. This way you will be able to love yourself and fix your soul.

ያለፈውን ማንነትህን በዛሬው የማንነትህ መስኮት በመመልከት አትፍረድ።

ያለፈው ፣ የሰራሃቸው ስህተቶች የአሁን ማንነትህ ሳይሆን የነበርክበት ነው። በዚህ ትልቅ ልዩነት አለ።

ጊዜ ሁሉንም ነገር ይለውጣል። አንተም እንዲሁ። ስህተቶችህ የተሻለ ሰው አድርገውሃል።

ስለዚህ በሚቀጥለው ጊዜ፣ አደርገዋለሁ ብለህ ያሰብከውን ባለማድረግህ ራስህን አትቅጣ። ይልቁንስ "አሁን በደንብ አውቄያለሁ፣ እሻሽላለሁ፣ አስተካክለዋለሁ።" በል። ከስተቶቾህ ተማር

Thank you.

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