A quick reminder




Shit happens. That’s life. Shit always happens not because it’s you but because that’s life. And you have got to move on. See the brighter side. Always look the side where the sun always shines bright, where the moon glows in the dark, where the stars whisper your beauty from distance.

No, you won’t have a perfect life. You will meet hardships, hard rocks that will trip you, fire that burns the joyful parts you once had. There will be times where you lose everything. But that’s not supposed to scare you. If you are scared to take a step and go through that hardship, how are you going to celebrate your victory? If you are going to keep on drowning in a pond of fear, how are you going to swim in an ocean of euphoria?

I repeat shit happens, but so does beauty. Always remember that as much as there are dreadful situations happening at some place, there are also joyful and beautiful moments happening at some other place. Remember that this world is a place where melancholy and euphoria co-exist. You just need to adjust your lense and choose where to put your focus and effort

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