Are true friends even a thing?


Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. — Khalil Gibran, poet.

It was early in the morning, right after we settled into our seats in class, that two of my classmates came up to me with a question. Initially, I didn't find it too challenging, but upon further reflection, I realized it was quite complex. The question they posed echoed the thoughts I had been grappling with recently. I'm sure you're curious about what they asked. Well, it was "What do friends mean to you?" or "How would you define a friend?" At first glance, it seemed straightforward, or so I thought. When they inquired, I took a moment to think and shared my perspective, explaining the true significance of friends to me. They nodded in agreement and expressed their gratitude. However, afterwards, I couldn't help but ponder whether I truly embodied the qualities I spoke of. Did I define it accurately? Deep down, I knew that neither I nor my friends perfectly matched the definition. So, what exactly constitutes a friend? The definition I presented to them was that friends are individuals who genuinely care for you, support you through thick and thin, and are willing to make sacrifices for you. I stressed that not everyone you consider a friend is genuinely one. I also pointed out that the people we currently regard as friends may not remain friends in the long term, as they might eventually drift away from our lives. They may seem caring, but in reality, they will eventually fade away. Furthermore, I believe that not everyone who shows concern for us can be classified as a friend, as their care may be misplaced. In other words, their intentions might be misguided despite their attempts to demonstrate care. These individuals also do not qualify as true friends. There are also those who feign care and affection towards us, only to end up causing us pain. Conversely, there are some who authentically love and care for us, yet still fall short of meeting the criteria of the definition I provided. So, is it feasible to find a genuine friend? Simply spending time together and engaging in activities doesn't automatically equate to true friendship. At times, based on my definition, I question whether discovering a sincere friend is even achievable. I must admit, I'm not entirely sure. Some people argue that friends are those who truly care about you without expecting anything in return. To be honest, I used to strongly disagree with that notion. However, upon reflection, I've come to realize that friends don't necessarily have to make sacrifices for you. In my opinion, if you share a deep connection with someone and genuinely care for each other, supporting each other's success, then they can be considered friends. While I haven't found the perfect definition yet, this perspective seems to suffice for now. So, instead of having high expectations and keeping your distance from people, consider how friends can uplift each other and steer each other towards success in life, all while caring for one another. But don’t also forget to Pay attention not only to what your friends are doing, but also to where they are guiding you. Don't let their actions blind you.  Finally take a moment to ponder this and observe the people around you. And now, I'd love to hear your thoughts: what do you believe friends are?

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