A Climax within a storm

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written in the summer days with the voices echoing......


Deep in a sorrow field maze there lies unrealistic yet probably mystic myth untold and buried beneath the earth surface the locals call it “FAFNIR” unbearably hard to manage it’s chaos built inside the volcano mountain it bursts up with a roar Which elevate the upper gods in the sky. As a young man who have seen war and struggle which compromised mere struggle in life since at his early ages James was a troubled young man barely eager to escape the reality of this earth meanwhile at the dock where he’d been posted off he gains two ounces of daily wage to Pierce his hunger with the bread that he buys off, even though being a fisherman is levitated within one’s own mind he seek the vast open Sea which glimmers with the sun's radiant golden sparkle it showed him that the longings confined with the slow clashes of the sea waves echoing the sea gulls tangles a vivid memory that he personally collects off somehow he yearns the long hours, the volcanoes lava but foremost the unlevelled parallel of the blue sky that he always set he's eyes off. Glimmering as it could be the clouded mist of the storm season has showered part of the “Angel” city it was captivating to see those clouds the months and tides counted that it was a season with in which the fishes would gallop and jump tightly within the shores off the sea calm as he should be and filled with validated hope James turned out he's boat from where the storm was set he knew exactly when and how the storm come and go but that day he's dark brown eyes moved unwillingly with he's unfetched hunger depriving him of a huge need. The city is keeping its' leash to sustain the lonely sun but the dark storm is somehow close as it could been within hours angel city would suffer a wrath but far off with the sea James wouldn’t know what that day brings.

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