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I much rather prefer the rain.

The solace i get from hiding, not letting them see me, its soothing. Little old me always battled with her inner self, do i prefer summer over winter or vice versa. I liked the summer for it brought me light, promising of hope. Shimmering light from the window every morning whispered sweet little nothings to swindle my naive heart into believing. But sweet little nothings was all they were. Beautyfull lies, for dark days happen under the same deceitful sun. As for winter, winter doesnt lie. The cold truth send shivers down my spine along a shudder but never dare to promise me of false hope. When the cold gets unbearable its still okay, reaching for blanket is all it takes to make it safe again. Under the gloomy clouds tucked under a blanket... there, thats my solace. Whether it be rain cascading down my window or thunder roaring above my head, the winter never scared me for it always sermonise me, "brace yourself youngone, you are in for another ride".

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