She is gone!

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Societal pressures

She was the girl that always chose loneliness. She was the one who knew to do things on her own never expected much from others, she was not like the rest around her, she never showed her vulnerabilities and weaknesses she put up that tough exterior that every one feared, they thought she was strong and fearless that no one could beat, No one really knew her but had opinions and judgements...

but she knew deep down this can't go on for long, that one day it would all tremble and fall. She thought of telling the world she had enough, she was tired of the miseries and pain she had suffered, suffocated by the air she breathes and drowning in solitude, but then again no one really knew her but had opinions and judgments... 

So she left with out saying good bye with out telling a soul where she would go, never thinking of coming back to where she was from, she never felt she belonged, at the end when she was gone, really gone for no one really knew her but had opinions and judgments. 


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