Little Star

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Changing our perception changes our belief thus our life!

She never thought that she could shine, that she could light up the world. All she new was she had no purpose and all she could see was that darkness was building its blocks and walls one by one each day. She never tried to fight it, she always sat at the same spot as the darkness grew around her and took away her life piece by piece.


One day a passer by asked her a question, she did not reply. The next day he did the same, she never bothered to look at him, still with her head down she said "I do not know the answer to you question" he left again. Third day he asked again "can you tell me how you manage to shine brighter than anyone I know?" This time she looked up but with a gloomy face " I have told you I do not know, how do you see that I am the brightest, my world if full of darkness there is no light around me!" She replied. "If you say your world is so dark let me show you mine?" He asked. 


She didn't know what or how to respond she wanted to be left alone, she wanted to say I don't want to go let my darkness swallow me whole, it's contagious it might kill you too, were the words running in her head, but "OKAY" was the word her mouth uttered. Something different something she never thought she would say! 


He smiled took her hand and led her to a different universe one she never saw before, never experienced, never thought could exist.

" I have never seen such a light" she was amazed!!

"Do you see how beautiful it is? Do you see how it's shining?"

"This is you, this is your light, this is how you shine!!" He told her, while taking away the mirror he put in front of her. He showed her how she was the brightest star that could light the whole world up! 

By: @afro_belle

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