Can boredom be good for you ?

Boredom is a feeling we don’t like. It is uncomfortable. it happens to all of us. Boredom occurs when you are not interested in the outside world and the inner world of your thought when you are alone with just your self. But sometimes it can be a good thing. Boredom historically has been an important source of creativity, well being and our very sense self. It is a state that leaves us to think about ourselves, notice things we may have overlooked or forgot and to take productive actions we may have otherwise put off, like, cleaning ,writing or playing games.

As a pressure to move, boredom may have driven us to accomplish much of what we have achieved. Boredom is not when you have absolutely nothing to do it is just when none of the options you have available to you apeal to you. And there are now more ways than ever to avoid boredom, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube many people reach for their phones to avoid boredom. but are we loosing anything by avoiding boredom? I feel like it is important to remind ourselves that life is not the highlight-reel we see online and that we need boring moments and boring periods to have contrast and to have a mental space to spark ideas and create new connections.

Finally I think the best way to beat boredom is through paying attention. That is to say focusing entirely on what we are creating or doing because we are not machines that are built to be productive every second of ever day. Pay attention and be curious about what your mind is doing. It is an important piece in this puzzle we call life that is worth consideration.

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