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'Against all odds we still hope.'

I always try to reach her, to hold her, to feel her existence. She mostly is with me. I mean I could talk to her, I could listen to her but I feel like I am still outside. I wondered is it because she is cold or isn't she opening me her door? But her smiles are so warm that could melt any strangers heart how could she be cold? When ever I say good bye to her, I feel numb. Nothing to say about our stay, nothing bad yet nothing interesting too, nothing to look forward to. I cant blame her cause there is nothing wrong with it, just lack of connection . When ever I try to hold her she isn't there anymore. I am always knocking; she sees me, she greets me, she chats with me, but she have never opened her door, always talking through the fence.

 Once I heard her telling people how words actually scare her how saying them out loud choke her. She said words are peaceful in her mind. They have their own place and she never felt bothered. She loved the quietness.

I wanted to tell her it was okay to confide in me. I wanted to assure her how her naked self is no less of a beauty. Her unreachability was actually worse than her silent dignity. I don't know how to say this to her but I am already in love with her unspoken words. Her words are just a sign of me getting into her home, nothing less nothing more.

 Which line is better? Let me in to your secluded home or Say yes, let me hear your words.

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