How short is short?

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All gone.

Life is short. why this? why that? "It doesn't matter," I frequently said.To some extent, I thought I actually believed it and lived my life accordingly.Until .......

Being an adult is something beyond words. You can't give it a specific name. Things you wished for as a child would be insignificant.You could have the freedom to go out, unlike your school days, but mostly you would just get tired of going out. You have the right to be whoever you want, but you also understand that you are responsible for your actions and your life at that point.It is so liberating, but also very suffocating. You have the right to talk, but you also know you can't say everything honestly. You can choose to be with people you want and prefer, but you will never be able to keep them in your life as long as you want.That's how it works; you can have it but not own it.Everything is volatile. And the saddest of all is that almost everyone leaves you.

It took me some time to understand this fact. The people I cared about would at some point leave; some would not bother to say goodbye; some would simply vanish; some... but, in the end, majority of them would just go away.Was I the only one who was resisting the urge to move? All of them liked their change, their new route, and I could definitely conclude that it was just hard for me to accept the fact that they were gone. How bitter is that?

No one warned me this was also part of growing up; people will always leave, and when they leave, there is no looking back. Life just takes them away. The things you did, the laughter you had, the tears you shed, the silences you shared—all of it would just be filled in a nostalgic bottle. Just like yesterday's sweet memories, it will all be gone. If you're lucky, you might remember some days, but you won't have time to relive all of those wonderful moments.It feels like a dream—so short, so real, so memorable.

At that point, I understood the real meaning of "life is short." It really is short. Many have gone, many are leaving, and many will leave in the blink of an eye counted in days and years. Everything vanished without a trace. very short, just like a single night's dream.

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