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A problem isn't a problem unless it has a solution.

I wish everyone wasn't struggling, suffering in someway. I thought only a few were in some kind of hardships the rest would be there for those in need, you know the balance would happen then. Some cry some would hug, a few complain many listen, some would hate the world and many would try to brighten it up. But Noooooooo everyone was suffering everyone was complaining and actually there was no one who is ready to hug the other person cause that person was also in need of a comfort hug. One thing I can tell is this entire thing isn't interesting at all. How come everyone is in need of attention, how come everyone needs to be loved? Is it selfishness that is making all of us in need of the spotlight? or Are we all trying to be the main character of a movie that isn't even about us? Above all of these the funny part is all of us chose to suffer alone, I mean why? wouldn't it be better to cry together ? or were we thinking some people were full of crocodile tears and sharing our pain with them made it an insult for the "real" struggle of ours ?  Maybe is it because of our pride, wanting to look undefeated in front of others, we worried about our images than the problem in hand? 

Or is it just the true color of adulthood? Everyone of us were destined to suffer and cry. We would listen to others problem and thank the lord for having a simpler pain or actually feel like un-favoured child cause our problem was a lot messier than everyone else. Is these all about growing up? Life is full of complications caused by simple things yet growing old never had the answer key, just a broad shoulder. Everyone was in the pit of problematic thought, everyone was told to escape that and be the winner of life.

So life is all about 'IT IS WHAT IT IS' or 'THIS IS THE SOLUTION'. The choices are solve it or leave it, there is no keep crying about it over and over. .........................Take it easy.

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