An eye for an eye maybe some tears......

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"fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Just as another person has received injury from him, so it will be given to him." Lev.24:20

Tea time is really a tea time for us. We like drinking a cup of tea and talk about many issues during that limited time, 30 minutes it is. He is one of the most opinionated person I have ever met to the point him not giving opinions would make me think about the silliness of my question, so yes I am really impressed by his words. And today I raised this thought that has been crossing my mind for many years, especially in days of pain and misery.

"Why does God let bad people be successful and happy? I mean I am okay with me not taking revenge by my own but I also don't expect them to get successful in many ways while I am suffering over there just for doing something good. I want them to feel something too. I want to know and see how kindness would pay me back."

He took a moment of silence to open up his mouth. That is my other favorite part of our conversation, a starter to the main dish. " why are you nice to people?" okay that is so obvious why would he ask me that? " well, being nice is better than being bad and......I hope my good deeds would come back to me one day." " so you do it cause you get something out of it right?" I felt insulted in some way still I wanted to the keep the conversation going. " yeah, I am a human being after all. I need something in return." saying that sentence out loud showed me the glimpse of 'real me', a selfish human being.

"Okay, so what is your point about God, his revenge and bad people?" he sure asks lots of questions still I would never get tired of explaining my point. " Hmmmmm...... as I told you in the beginning I saw so many people who did bad to others enjoying their life as if a single droplet of water didn't touch them from the rain they caused on others. They get what they want while the good one's are actually getting miserable and lost. How could evilness be encouraged to this level?" my tea was already getting cold. I took a sip and expected him to say something that would agree with my point.

" Though I don't encourage doing bad on others and stuffs like that, the label 'bad' by itself came from the thought you took yourself or others as a good one. You did all the nice things cause you wanted to feel good about yourself, or you wanted to get paid in return or maybe you wanted to feel peace when ever you go to sleep. So by any means this wouldn't make you a selfless angel rather I see it all as a choice we made. Some get what they want by not caring for others while some feel what they want by providing for the seekers."

Okay I hope this guy doesn't know the color of my underwear too. I already feel naked still I asked him " so let us say I did all the good things out of love, how about now?" he didn't take long to answer that " That is even simpler to point out. If you did it out of love, that is just enough. Even though the feeling it created made you happy and satisfied, loving someone by itself is a noble act and doing anything for the sake of it is enough reason to feel good about the whole thing."

In that moment I felt good about the things I did out of love. I guess love was just enough. " But how about God taking revenge for us?" I like where this topic is going....maybe some healing.

" You expect God to take revenge for you cause you pictured yourself as the righteous one while all you did was something similar with a different course of action. I still prefer being kind to others for oneself to being mean to others for oneself. Yet if you didn't make yourself an angel you wouldn't count others as the Satan, so you wouldn't seek revenge from God in the first place." he stared at me for a while and added " I think everyone would get back what he/she gave, so I wouldn't care about their life instead I would just keep walking. Oh and trust me, the tears of others would never fill your half void glass of water."

This is why I like my tea time. Always good to know right?!

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