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Let me share with you my personal experience that happened once when I was in Gondar city to give a training. The hotel I stayed in was on a high hill and the area has its own beauty because it is surrounded by trees, so I chose to stay there. But one night when I stayed there, something happened. I woke up at night and needed to go to the bathroom, so I moved to get out of bed. As soon as I got out of bed, I saw a "snake" lying in the direction leading to the bathroom. Due to the weakness of the light, I could not identify this "snake" but its shape and condition. I was very shocked and very scared.


I gathered myself back and found myself on my pillow. I thought a lot. I took it out and down. After burning for a while, my only option was to somehow get past the snake's range and turn on the light. After I swayed for a while, calling out the name of my creator, squinting my eyes to overcome the darkness, I walked around the corner and turned on the light. The "snake" I saw was my belt that I had dropped when I rushed to bed at night in exhaustion. What I realized in this experience was that when I thought this belt was a snake, it was the fear I would feel if I faced a real snake. It gave me a feeling. I could have screamed because of this feeling, I could have stayed there in my bed and waited until morning, I could have called people on the phone and waited.


Perspective has the same power as reality. Even if something doesn't exist in our lives, it is then that I fully realized that if we consider it to be there and fear it, it can bind us to who we are. The medicine was to turn on the lights. They spend years imprisoned because of the irrational fear that they say it will happen... it will happen. The solution is to turn on the light! Turning on the light means opening our eyes to face the reality, discussing our situation with a mature person, realizing that no matter what, it is better to face the reality and live freely than to live in fear.

Source: Mihiret Debebe


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