Travelling widens the perspective horizon beyond you could imagine!


Meet Yetneberh Nigussie , a renowned legal scholar ,advocate for the disabled and soical-activist .

She caught media attention when she chaired the AAU Anti-AIDS movement 2004–05 and founded the Addis Ababa University (AAU) Female Students Association in 2006 as well as served as the first president of the association. Back then, she was distinctive for a being a blind woman who is assertive enough to talk her mind in public media and do tell her story vividly. 

Yetnebersh Nigussie lost her eyesight at the age of 5. She describes this instance as an opportunity as it helped her to escape from the early marriage which was widely exercised in Amhara region, at the place where Yetnebersh was born. She attended her primary classes in Shashemane Catholic School for the Blind, then joined Menelik II Senior Secondary School (an inclusive school) and studied there until 12th grade. she received her bachelor's in law with honor from Addis Ababa university and disserted her master's in social Work. yetnbersh has been recognized on prestigious awards for her activism and advocacy for the disabled ,woman and children. 

Yetnebersh is a natural activist, she can't pass by any uncanny activity that degrade or will hunt woman ,children, victim of any abuse or any unjust activity within and beyond her reach. After her visit in Europe and the US , she once spoke at a public event this - 'you know I was born in Wollo province, Saint area. And whenever my parents and I are in Wello ,we would be referred as Saint's .If my parents travel to Bahir Dar, they would be referred as Welloyeh .If they went to Addis , they are Amahara's .And if they advance to Nairobi, they will be referred as Ethiopians . Had they carry on to Europe, they sure will be tagged African before their name. Had my parent ever cross the Atlantic, they will be labelled Black people. You will only get narrower if you cut back on where you started. Travelling do widen you horizon of perspective spectrum.'

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