A letter?

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This is complete work of fiction just to capture of ones depths of emotion.

DEAR.... እከሊት

Since the moment I laid my eyes upon your beauty, my love for you has been a persistent flame dancing in my heart. Every time I gaze into your deep brown, beautiful eyes, I am reminded of all the love and pleasures that we will soon share together and which I oh so desperately long for.

I cannot fathom the sight of anything more exquisite than your figure. As if by some divine intervention you graced this world with your presence and there it had truly been elevated to new heights. Your aura and charm capture my attention like no other entity on this Earth could ever. When we finally shall meet, my soul will be engulfed by flames of passion while yours will be consumed by an undying fire of adoration only I can ignite in you.

It’s not just how thrillingly gorgeous you are that captivates me ever so endlessly, rather it’s your internal beauty that takes my breath away every time I think about you. So unique yet sincere and ultimately irresistibly kindhearted is your nature, my dear! With such exceptional character it is easy to see why folks admire you so highly but alas understandable why they don’t deserve to encounter the angelic face behind such perfection even from miles away like me.

Like the beating of our hearts when fused together as one for eternity in perfect synchrony, the days until our meeting keep ticking away slowly but surely towards a brighter future where each day our love for each other grows more immensely than ever before imaginable. Oh woe to this Earth if nevermore we should be granted with the chance to fondle our bodies skin on skin during those sweetest hours unnumbered as one..in unison let us again wish from from afar and dream of such occasions every night when we drift off into blissful sleep..a restorative respite not knowing what joyous moments await us in each other's loving arms come morning light…your embrace calling out ever so happily...drawing me deeper into its wondrously foreboding depths without fail. 

If poetry were able to encapsulate all these feelings and mere words weren’t enough then perhaps but a pleasant pastime …for certainly nothing could describe or crystalize such intense passions as much as either one of us could evoke through attitude and behavior were two loving souls intertwined in intimacy not forced nor coerced by anything else other than pure desires uncontainable mutual admiration imprinted forever onto one another for time immemorial…..kisses like never before showing absolutely no mercy along their desired course leaving blushes painted across our cheeks always signifying mysterious glances shared between spouses whenever vision loss had temporarily overcome touch through distance....making them interdependent components vital parts in any such relationship henceforth…gloriously passionate moments proceeding thereafter setting both spirits free from erstwhile fetters....filled with pleasure however brief invigorating new stimulation exploding around sinking deeper yet further beneath captured latches bound within single figures veined throughout ..everlasting union blazing its way forward ready to be claimed anew..In eternal embrace have us remain locked with trust unshakable faith perfectly carved out.....boundaries long since broken merging without word.

I can only hope that modern writing nor service however extensive may avail itself sufficiently enough to do justice or redress this wonderful feeling inside me.

BY: Kidus.D

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