Offences will come

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You cant stop offenses coming in life but you have a full control not to live in it.

Nobody even the creator say offenses won't come. How good you behave, whether you are a great person, humble and kind; betrayal, rejections, disappointments and hurts will come. C’mon that’s the truth of it! Nobody says it won't come. The big question is how you deal with it??? If you are going to play it on and on in your mind. If you’re going to stuck with what happened rather than moving forward for the new things God planed for ya. If you’re not willing for your healing from your emotional wounds and letting go the past. You’re going to bleed on the person that has nothing to do with it. Guess what? YOUR GONNA LIVE THE WOUND PRICE! Means you will mess up the rest of your future too!

If you are hurt, betrayed, rejected, jilted, life isn't fair etc. It’s OK to mourn for some time but don't hold yourself to live in it. Don’t let the things that happened to continue hurt you twice. Decide to forgive your past. The quicker we let things go. The easier it will be. Every day when we wake up from sleep we have a choice to make to be generous or hard on ourselves. Be ready to forget and forgive. You can't stop the offenses coming. But you can control not to immerse with it. Tuned up the negative. Remember this is a fallen world! Do u know how much u can accomplish in life if u can leave disappointments behind you?? Are you meditating on what they told you? Are you still reminded of the lies they told ya? Are you still holding on the embarrassment? Don’t let the enemy to continue to destroy the rest of your life. 

DON'T COVER UP YOUR WOUNDS! FACE IT! SPEAK UP FOR WHO YOU ARE! DON'T LET OTHERS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR VOICE! Trust me I have been there. You might get all kinds of opposition. It doesn't matter. CHOOSE TO HEAR HOW GREAT YOU ARE. God put greatness inside you. Remember you are wonderfully and uniquely designed. Be bold and say I'm great, I'm success, I'm unstoppable, I'm head not tail, what happened this moment won't defined me. Because I’m destined for glorious life. Move on despite the offenses!

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