This isn't the Garden of Eden


"If we think that we are the rootcause of the green leaves, then we sure as hell owe the fallen ones too."

God created Adam and created Eve from a rib taken from Adam's side, then placed them in a magnificent place called the garden of Eden, a serene place free of sins and death, until they ate from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and were banned from entering. When asked what went wrong, Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the Serpent, and the Serpent blamed the devil. That's where I believe we learned that we can blame others for our errors. Adam and Eve, as well as the rest of our forefathers and descendants, had to learn to distinguish between good and evil in the universe.

We've never been to that wonderful place or experienced what it's like to live in a world where horrible things don't happen, where death isn't lurking around every corner, where every day is a happy day, and we're still blaming Adam and Eve for robbing us of that sensation. But, in all honesty, we are to fault for the world we live in today; they did not start wars, discrimination, hatred, bigotry or every little thing that is wrong in this planet we call life.

In Hebrew, the Old Testament's language, Adam denotes humanity, hence men or humanity, wrote the book of life. In Hebrew, Eve denotes life; in conclusion, "Men wrote the book in women", calm down i'm just messing with you. But Men, on the other hand, used to decide who was superior and who was inferior, they defined the definitions of good and evil, and they twisted and exploited everything to their advantage. Women were told they are not gorgeous unless told by another women’s son to be so.

The weak, the inferiors learned to be by imitation, to survive in the norm and culture only by learning whose costumes we wear on most days, because otherwise we would be doomed and hell would be our destination.

We live in the hope of a better world, so to exist in that world, we all damned the book of life written by a few. just to fit in, be accepted, and participate in the game of life, we ate from the forbidden fruit, and reality kicked in. 

We couldn't tell the good from the terrible, and how could we when we don't even know what good is? 

Life was difficult for those of us who were only trained to follow rather than lead, to be a secret rather than a siren, and for those of us whose insecurities, lack of knowledge, fear, and greediness were a blindfold, life felt unfair. It seemed as if she had favorites, but if we look at what is happening rather than what we want to see, we can see that Life has kicked everyone in the face at least once, and for some of us, she has waited until we can get back up just to kick us in the stomach, but she has also taught us that getting our breath taken away is the only way to remind our lungs how much they enjoy the test of air.

If we desire a peaceful existence and world, we must be quick to smile through the agony, laugh despite the tears, and show our strength whenever humanity or life tries to knock us down. We must be loud and proud, teaching the future generation that they are fierce, fearless, and flawed, and that while they may not be perfect, they are not the weak. We must rise and accept responsibility for our misdeeds and errors; we are the only ones who can decide what is good and evil for ourselves; we must understand that this is not the Garden of Eden, and hell is made up of other people.

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