Does our school system is outdated


If we want to change the world we have to start from our school system

Yes, overall, our education system is outdated. The public education system we currently know has been around for more than 150 years. However, scientists say that two brains are not the same, but the basic schooling model remains the same. Roughly 20 to 30 kids of the same age are stuffed into a classroom and taught by one teacher.


Children are rarely allowed to be children. Students sit in a classroom and are taught about the outside world.

CREATIVITY First, if the maximum number of children are to be given the greatest possible chance of realizing their creative potential, schools need to provide a rich and broad curriculum that includes the so-called creative subjects, which are the visual and performing arts.

And second, if they are serious about cultivating real creativity across the curriculum, they need to remember that creativity describes a whole collection of similar but different processes. In other words, they need to understand the central place of the disciplines in education and take them as their starting point in curriculum design.


INTELEGENCE by teaching them to hate themselves for the color of their skin. School makes kids less intelligent based on the subjects being taught. The school agenda of our youth is gone, and instead it is now a brainwashing camp. The one thing it does teach kids is how to socialize, integrate, and develop better social skills. It also creates an environment for adversity and bullying, inequality, and a lack of socialization.

They won’t let you be creative. Their main focus is on cramming the textbooks. If you write by yourself using your creativity, they’ll make you believe that you are the dumbest person on Earth and that you’ll always fail in your life. They kill dreams, emotions, thoughts, and ideas, and enrich minds with masterpieces stored in them. They never tell you how to survive in practical life. But it will make your life hell to make you cram the works of people who died a long time ago.

CONCLUTION The word "education" is derived from the Latin word ducductts meaning to bring out, but nowadays our schools don't bring out any talents; they bring out employees for the big companies. Today, schools are not places to learn. School is a game; it is all about how many points you collect. Your future is decided by a piece of paper, but there is a big difference between a person who is smart and who scores better

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